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2-2 神官文字 ブログトップ

Hieratic Palaeography [2-2 神官文字]

■Möller, G. (1909-1936) Hieratische Paläographie.
Bd.I (第1巻:古王国時代〜第2中間期)

Bd.II (第2巻:第18王朝〜第21王朝)

Bd.III (第3巻:第22王朝〜後3世紀)

Bd.IV (第4巻:第1巻と第2巻の補遺)

Möller, G. (1909-1936) Hieratische Paläographie.のPDFは以下にもある。

indexmoller.pdf (オランダ語)
Dutch English Translation.pdf (上記のオランダ語版とその英訳)

■Preliminary proposal to encode Möller’s Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the SMP of the UCS

Möller, Georg (1909) Hieratische Lesestücke für den akademischen Gebrauch. Volume 1. Leipzig: Hinrichs.
Basic Lessons in Hieratic

■Goslin, Lee Sheldon (1998) Writing Late Egyptian Hieratic. A Beginner's Primer.

■Hieratic Databese Project

■Hieratische Schrift

■Hieratic Egyptian Language used in ancient Israel

■Hodge, Carleton T. (1969) "The Hieratic Origin of the Ugaritic Alphabet," Anthropological Linguistics 11-9: 277-289.

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■Goelet, Ogden, Jr. (2007) "Writing Ramesside Hieratic: What The Late-Egyptian Miscellanies Tell Us About Scribal Education,"in Servant of Mut: Studies in Honor of Richard A. Fazzini. Probleme der Ägyptologie 28: Brill: 102-110.

■Ina Hegenbarth-Reichardt & Gabriel Altmann (2008)"On the decrease of complexity from hieroglyphs to hieratic symbols," in Altmann, Gabriel & Fengxiang, Fan, Analyses of Script: Properties of Characters and Writing Systems.Quantitative Linguistics 63.DE GRUYTER MOUTON.

■Goelet, Ogden, Jr. (2009) "Observations on Copying and the Hieroglyphic Tradition: In the Production of The Book Of the Dead," in Sue H. D'Auria ed., Offerings to the Discerning Eye: An Egyptological Medley in Honor of Jack A. Josephson. Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 38. Brill: 121-132

■Verhoeven,Ursula (2015) "Stand und Aufgaben der Erforschung des Hieratischen und der Kursivhieroglyphen," in Verhoeven,Ursula. ed. Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten I–II: Neue Forschungen und Methoden der Hieratistik. STUTTGART: FRANZ STEINER VERLAG: 23-63.

2-2 神官文字 ブログトップ