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2-3 聖刻文字 ブログトップ

Egyptian Hieroglyphs [2-3 聖刻文字]


Book Reviews
An Egyptian Sign List
Animals of Ancient Egypt. David Paton
T. George Allen
Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Volume 42, Number 2 | Jan., 1926

■Gardiner's sign list_wikipedia

■Gardiner, Alan (1967) Egyptian Grammar, Oxford:Griffith Institute. "Sign-List" pp.438-548.(PDF)



■Theinhardt, Ferdinand (1875) Liste der hieroglyphischen Typen aus der Schriftgiesserei des Herrn F. Theinhardt in Berlin. 

■[L2/16-18R]Proposal to encode three control characters for Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Revised. Bob Richmond and Andrew Glass bobqq at, anglass at 26th January, 2016

■Unicode 9.0 Character Code Charts

→Egyptian Hieroglyphs (1MB)
→Greek and Coptic

■Unicode and multilingual support in HTML, fonts, Web browsers and other applications
→Egyptian Hieroglyphs

■Mark-Jan Nederhof
OCR of handwritten transcriptions of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text.

■Fischer, Henry G. (1999) Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy. A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs. 4th edition. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

■Velde, Herman te (1988)“Egyptian Hieroglyphs as Linguistic Signs and Metalinguistic Informants,”in Hans G. Kippenberg, L. P. Van den Bosch, L. Leertouwer. The Imagein Writing. Visible Religion 6  Leiden: Brill: 169 - 179.

2-3 聖刻文字 ブログトップ