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4-2 エジプト語音韻論 ブログトップ

Egyptian Phonology [4-2 エジプト語音韻論]

■Peust, Carsten (1999) Egyptian phonology: An introduction to the phonology of a dead language. Göttingen.

■Greenberg,  Joseph H.  "The Interpretation of the Coptic Vowel System"

■Kammerzell, F. (2005). “Old Egyptian and Pre-Old Egyptian: Tracing linguistic diversity in archaic Egypt and the creation of the Egyptian language.” in Texte und Denkmäler des ägyptischen Alten Reiches. edited by S. J. Seidlmayer. 165–247. Berlin: Achet, Dr. Norbert Dürring.

4-2 エジプト語音韻論 ブログトップ